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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  January 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> all right. there you have it. a live picture from sandy point state park. this is the 16th annual polar bear plunge benefiting the maryland special olympics. remember our time there? >> oh, i will never forget.
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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm kate amara. thank you for joining us. it is that time of year again when seemingly rational people like you and me and our own jennifer franciotti this year jump into cold water for a great cause. >> let's go back live to sandy point state park and check in with rob roblin, the man that started it all for us here. hey, robbie. >> how are you guys doing? it is lun plunge 21 for the super plunge -- it is plunge 21 for the super plungers. they made it through the night. that is really the hardest when no one is around. this water is cold. the weather has been somewhat pleasant. that is good for the super plungers. i tell you what, it is cold out there, the water is very, very cold, and they are getting ready to come on out, and this is plunge number 21. over 50, right at 50, and they are still fresh, still ready to go.
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there's adam. plunge 21. there it is. still awake, still rolling. that will make you up, folks, in the morning. wake you up very, very quickly. once again, plunge number 21, the super plungers. >> how do they do it? rob, how is jen? >> she is doing fine. i'm trying to find her right now. i don't know where she is. there she is. there she is. l -- jen! >> feeling good. this is a gift to us. the temperature has been wonderful. don't get me wrong, the water is really cold, but our special olympics athletes stayed up all night long going in the water. >> did you stay up all night long. >> i did. >> get warm.
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there's jeff coming in, as you can see. this is my hero, brother. jeff is a veteran. he lost a leg fighting for this country, and this is like the fifth or sixth year that he's been plunging every hour for 24 hours. of course we are going to be out here all morning. we are going to be talking to the plungers. the big polar bear plunge is later on and these -- this will be jam packed. the greatest athletes in the world, and they are still plunging. let me tell you, it is cold in that water. >> today we'll get to talk to some of the special olympians. we look forward to talking to jimmy. >> jimmy has been very, very sick, so i don't think jimmy will be able to come out. jimmy if you are awake this morning, he is fighting a tough
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fight. jimmy is everybody's man, and a lot of teary eyes last night when jimmy came here to talk to everybody, to hug people. so jimmy, all of our prayers are with you, baby, and we're thinking about you. so jimmy has had some tough times. he's an amazing man. and to be honest with you, he is one of my heros on this planet. jimmy, we're praying and thinking about you, so hang in there. john collins, hey, the water is cold, but it is mild compared to what it has been like in the past. i remember years ago going in that there and our shins were bleeding because there was so much ice on the bay. this is easy compared to that, right? >> we're getting a break this year. yesterday for the plungers that started early, it started out with school kids. temperatures were in the 60's then. we're getting a break.
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bay water temperatures were reasonable for this time of year. air temperatures are not bad either. temperatures are well above the freezing point. noferingt sandy point, there are clouds. we have clouds here in baltimore. you can see that in the satellite image. most of the mountains, there is snow and rain. a couple disturbances aiming at us. we'll talk about it coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. we'll see you then. >> thank you, john. >> do you know someone taking the plunge? let them know you support them. >> all you have to do is pick up the phone and make a donation. we have volunteers standing by to make your call. 410-261-2300. let's check in now with one of the volunteers. are the phones ringing? >> they haven't running yet. we have a great group of volunteers from the maryland trooper's association, and they are angstously awaiting -- they
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are anxiously awaiting to support our plungers. >> if you are at home, give us a call. let's here a phone ring. >> make the call for jimmy. >> we know it is early, but these super plungers have been working all night long. while you have been sleeping, they have been getting up every hour on the hour. >> and you know there is say new plunger who needs a lot of support and donations. ava marie. she needs people to call in and donate. there you go. somebody called in. our volunteers will be here all morning long. >> thank you. we'll check back with you a little later. >> thanks, guys. >> now, to our big story this morning, a teenager is recovering from severe injuries after a fight with a broadneck high school student near campus. >> the 18-year-old victim is a former student and had to be
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airlifted to shock trauma for treatment. sheldon dutes has more. >> it is a high school. we have problems every now and again. kids will be kids of course. but it is rare seeing something this tragic, to an extreme, i guess. >> this is where anne arundel county police say a high school student got into a fight with another student. it happened at 2:15 in the afternoon just off campus at the intersection of chestnut hill. >> we didn't see it, but we saw a kid on the ground and people around him. >> it is unknown what provoked the fight but the 18-year-old victim's injuries were so severe, he had to be airlifted to shock trauma. >> that is a priority one patient. you don't want to waste any time with a priority one patient. >> what types of injuries? >> i cannot disclose that now. >> it was scary. we have never had that happen before. >> mandy weisman lives next
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door. >> there are always kids hanging out front. i come home for lunch to let the dogs out and there are always kids hanging out over there chilling. >> am i worried? of course. you live in the neighborhood, things happen, we worry. it's what we do as parents, we worry. that's our job, i think. >> i'm not too worried. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police say the two teens know each other. so far no charges have been fired. this is still an active investigation, and police are still interviewing witnesses. >> also anne arundel county police are -- investigators say he appeared to be touching and patting the victim who was visibly upset. the police say medley was actually stealing money from the
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victim's pocket and took off. if you know him or his where abouts call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lock-up. >> a child and an adult remain in serious condition after a fire on the 3100 block of ravenwood avenue when flames broke out. two people ran out of the house while two others escaped through a second-story window. two people suffered from burns and smoke inhalation. >> we eventually saw the lady come out. the house was burned out. all you could see was flames. >> no word on what started the fire. we are told the salvation army is helping the displaced family. >> and sky team 11 is over the scene. it happened at 12:4030 in the afternoon. we're told the 84-year-old driver swerved in and out of
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traffic and hit two mall boxes before crashing into trees. the accident remains under investigation. >> a maryland woman will spend the rest of her life behind bars for killing her co-worker at a bethesda clothing shop. a judge sentenced brittany norwood for the murder of jayna murray. norwood attacked murray during a fight after the store closed during the day. she then lied and said they were attacked by two masked men. >> the maryland court of appeals disbarred jack johnson on friday. he served as as county executive from 2002 and 2010. he was sentenced to more than 10 years for extortion and bribery. >> 6:10.
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>> locally, all that happened is we picked up a few clouds from baltimore northward and they are kind of related to clouds to the west. indications might be a little snow in the clouds 5,000, 6,000 feet up. that's what the radar is seeing. see a flash into the picture. but the air is too dry here at the surface. and essentially the trajectory of that system is to pass off to our north later today. clouds, yes. there you see our picture of what's going on.
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even a helicopter flying around. we have scattered clouds. south of us, it is clear. b.w.i., marshall. humidity is down. barometer is up. and the winds are calm. temperatures around the area not too bad for this time of year. you have to pinch yourself is it -- and say, ns january. easton, camebridge, salisbury. downtown, 34. 32 at frederick. 28 at oakland out in western maryland. no extreme temperatures at all. here's the cloud bank over the city. south of that, skies are clear. temperatures may be cool off to our south. yes, we have this disturbance out to the west. there is a cold front, a little combined complex out in illinois and indianapolis. it is limited moisture. it is not drying moisture off the gulf of mexico or anything like that. it is kind of like a clipper.
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when it goes through, we will be on the south edge of it. we could pick up a sprinkle late this afternoon. basically a cloudy day. high temperatures at the bay. so even a southerly breeze could help draw temperatures off the bay and bring it on land immediately near shore. the polar bear plunge forecast, 40's to 50's. winds about 12. the winds may make it feel like 30's to 40 at times. again, the water temperature is 40, and when you hit that, you feel it. here's our insta-weather futurecast. it shows that disturbance passing to our north near the pennsylvania line. our computer model indicates a sprinkle late today but not of real consequence. tomorrow another one comes
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through. this has a little more kick to it, so we may see a brief light mix late in the day. sunday doesn't look all that bad either. on tuesday we could see clouds as well. minimal precipitation chances. monday and tuesday, dry. at sandy point now winds at 3 miles per hour. rob is there, he's checking out the plungers. >> it could be a lot worse. it is pleasant this morning, not that bad. but if you think these people, the super plungers are warm, don't believe it. if you don't believe it, come
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down here and jump in yourself. with me, is frank kraterville. is he going to be a judge next week. how are you feeling, franky? >> good. >> your family is here. this is a family affair for you. this is really a family event. >> it is. yesterday at 7:00 we had the family plunge. we had all my boys and my little girl down here and my wife, kim bame came. it is a great experience. the athletes inspire all of us. the athletes are all, excited, ready to go. it is a great experience and a wonderful cause. folks that haven't seen and gone and seen some of the competitions ought to do so. i'll make a final plug.
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we start a number of hours and people can go online and contribute. >> thank you, franky. warm? >> sort of. >> he came out here without his shoes on so his feet are a little bit cold. thank you very, very much. congratulations once again being sworn in. in between plunges, he's been studying. >> that's true. i was doing a little work. >> thanks, frankie. take care, baby. when he first started, he was down here, and now he's up here, you know? we'll be up here throughout the morning talking to people, watching the super plungers, and at 1:00 today it is the polar bear plunge. if you haven't made plans today, do so. the most important thing is make a pledge. send some money for the greatest athletes in the world, the special olympics athletes. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> wow, that is some hat you have there.
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where did you get that hat? >> i don't know. my wife hates it. i tell her, she goes back to the 1950's. she has no class and style. i tell her, it is just like classic. my wife tries to hide it from me. the other day she was sitting on it to hide it. she says that's the ugliest hat she's ever seen. she's always nagging me about my hat. i tell her, if this hat disappears, we're in front of the judge, divorce time, pal. no, i'm just kidding. >> your wife knows class, she married you, right? >> well, we don't want to talk about that. everybody makes a mistake, as my wife says, and she made the big one. >> thank you. thanks, robbie. >> coming up this morning, we'll check back in with robbie and his hat. the super plungers, are they
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close to reaching their goal? >> you spent so much time on it? why not own a part of it. in our consumer alert, how
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>> in this morning's "consumer alert" soon will be able to own a part of facebook. the social networking giant is expected to file regulatory papers any now to sell to the public. it is going to start disclosing its financial in april because of its gross. the company is expected to raise $10 billion in the offering. the public offering usually takes three to four months after the official filing of the paperwork. >> forget paying it forward. it looks like more and more americans are paying it down, the debt that is. new report by credit karma shows
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americans cut 11% of their debt compared to where it was a year ago. the state with the least amount of credit card debt is wisconsin followed by alabama, louisiana. the state with the most credit card debt is alaska followed by new hampshire, connecticut, new jersey, and colorado. >> stay with us. there is much more news ahead. first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> you are looking at a live picture of our polar bear plunge vun tours. the most important number is right there on your screen, 410-261-2300. if you have someone you know who is plunging or maybe you just want to support a fantastic cause, roll over, grab the cell phone on your night stand and give us a call. 410-261-2300. >> you know, they are usually made out of wood, brick, concrete or steel peams, but have you heard of a house made out of cars? one california couple has built their dream green home. it is out of the ordinary, out of this world. the story of how two architects
6:28 am
turned a junkyard find into a home sweet home. >> that's the color. whatever car was in the junkyard. >> 104 roofs from cars make up the aluminum siding of this home. the front and back-on-ings are -- back awnigs are even more unusual. you can almost picture the republican minivan -- picture the green minivan these came from. the city of berkeley prides itself on its recycling efforts. the city says not every city would be happy with floors with pine ash or floors made of
6:29 am
furniture waste. furniture is made from a shipping container that they said went around the world eight or nine times before ending up in their back yard. >> they are not expensive. they are 10 times stronger than they need to be to meet building codes. >> we wanted to do it in a way that made something unique. >> he said he left it in a pile on the street. >> it is now a fence post. everything and anything is recyclable. >> wow. that's amazing. >> cool houses. >> don't throw anything away. >> it is coming up not 6:30. coming up, we'll check back in on robbie at sandy point state
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park. >> an attorney for alleged child sex abusers jerry sandusky are asking for lienencey. >> i think it will be dry this far south. there may be moisture to the north. we'll talk about the insta-weather plus fore
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. plungers are braving the icy waters this morning. rob roblin is with them cheering them on. hey, robbie. >> when i go home, you hit it. whether i walk in the door my wife is not going to say how are you doing, how was it, she will say, "i can't believe you wore that hat on tv? you embarrass the entire family."
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that's what it will be when i walk in the house. maryland state police. how are you, sir? i think it is classy, don't you? i don't know about that. how are you doing? >> we are doing great. we have a lot of fantastic people here. the super plungers made it through the night. we are expecting another 10,000 plungers here today. >> you started all this 16,000 years ago, and it has grown to say the least. it is amazing to watch it over the years. >> it is amazing to watch. marylanders are generous. they love this event. ly they love special olympics. they come out and support it. >> maryland state police, and we talk about it, the law enforcement community without you guys, it would not have gotten started. >> it is a great law enforcement partnership. not just maryland state police, but police departments across maryland are part of this. here is one of the reasons why. my friend, josh smith, he and
6:34 am
his dad oozed to patrol together . as troopers, i was there when josh was born, and i've known him almost 30 years now. >> josh was dancing last night. he can move. >> yes, i was. i came in and he got me on the dance floor, and i picked it up, and it was good. >> josh, when you see all the people here plunging to raise money so you can compete, what do you say to all the people. >> i am happy that the people contribute because they need more money. there are great athletes helping us out. they have now raised $2 million in thetate. and i'm happy for that. >> he's a great young man. >> he is at that. >> i'm telling you what, he can dance. i'm telling you.
6:35 am
so any how, greg, as always, thank you very much. joshua, love you baby. >> great partners. >> i love your hat. >> see, tell my wife it is a beautiful hat. >> i love your beautiful hat. there is an amazing thing -- person in my life, and it is you, rob, because you have been doing this how many years? i say hop in. >> thanks, brother. kent. super plunging. john collins how are you this morning? i'll tell you what, before we throw it to you, look at this, is that not beautiful? i want to comment on this. that is a gorgeous sky over the bay bridge. >> it is beautiful. the chesapeake bay is one of the most beautiful bodies of water on this planet. when you get a sunrise, it is
6:36 am
going to be coming up soon and you are out here, ss it is outstanding, beautiful, with the bridge here. instead of looking at me, look at that. now you can see some beauty. >> all that beauty of the chesapeake bay and all those beautiful people doing the super plunges overnight tonight. it is going to be a huge event down at sandy point beach state park. here in baltimore, we have clouds overhead. north of us, the clouds up in pennsylvania are trying to produce a few snow flakes or a sprinkle, but the air is dry. those echos you see north of carroll county, harford county, it is up in the clouds. as we call it, it is not hitting the ground. we expect a dry day in our forecast. details coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, john. if you can't take part in the plunge, there is another way you can help from the comfort inside your home. >> all you have to is pick up the phone and make a donation. we have a team of volunteers standing by to take your calls. good morning, mike.
6:37 am
>> good morning. we have a great team of volunteers for the maryland troopers association ready to take phone calls and supporters for maryland. this plunge underwrites the sue pourt important of our sports training. 10,000 athletes benefit so we need your help and support. >> how are calls coming in? >> we get a lot of support for jennifer. we can get some of those phones calling now and get people involved with us. it has been a loyal slow, so we hope it picks up a little now that we get later into the morning. >> everybody needs donations. >> the first year as a new meteorologist here. it is the first plunge. you got to help her out. 410-261-2300. mike we hope to have so many phones ringing you will need extra people to come in and help you out. >> thank you, ladies.
6:38 am
so the phones are ringing now, so any time you put that phone number up and talk about it, the phones start to ring. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you. >> new this morning, kate -- >> maryland state police investigating a deadly crash that happened at 3:30 this morning on eastbound route 50 near davidsonville road. we do not have details now. we know four people were killed in what is a head-on collision. eastbound 50 closed flare the accident scene. traffic on westbound 50 is not affected. >> attorneys for accused former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky are asking a judge for lienencey in his house arrest. yesterday his attorney filed a bail modification request asking him to allow supervised visits with his 11 grandchildren inside his home. the motion also asked the judge to consider allowing friends to visit jerry sandusky.
6:39 am
a hearing set for february 10. >> hundreds of people diving into the chesapeake bay as we speak. >> that's right. coming up, we check back in with robbie at sandy point state park for the 2012 polar bear plunge. >> on the satellite picture, we see a weather disturbance to our west.
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>> in baltimore we have mostly cloudy skies to our south. a bank of clouds northward, clouds up in pennsylvania north of the pennsylvania-maryland line trying to produce precipitation. the air is dry and it is all evaporating before it hits the ground. the radar we're seeing are the ice crystals are a few drops up
6:42 am
in the clouds several thousand feet up. here is the view over the bay this morning. the first glow of dawn. isn't that beautiful? 31 degrees at the airport. 38 at the inner harbor. the bromter is up there. at the moment, the winds are calm. all across the region, temperatures are at or generally above the freezing point. the armente is just below freeze -- the airport is just below freezing now. it is only in the 20's in far western maryland. a fairly mild morning. mid to upper 20's or so. here's that bank of clouds from baltimore northward. it is all related to a weather disturbance. kind of a clipper like system coming out of the midwest. there is limited moisture with it. this trajectory will take it mostly into new york state. we're going to be on the extreme south edge of this disturbance. and there is another one out in the pacific northwest that will be racing in our direction tomorrow. a double hit here.
6:43 am
not of much consequence. today a partly cloudy day. more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. a sprinkle north late. yeah, there -- there's a chance. southwest winds not as warm. way above normal for this time of year e at sandy point, temperatures might be a little cooler. upper 30's to around 40. there might be a little bit of increasing clouds today. temperatures up near 50. with the winds factored in, it will feel like the 30's to 40's. if you get your toes in the water it will feel colder than that. at least it is not icy in the bay. our futurecast shows a little disturbance passing to our north. a limited chance for hoist moisture up in pennsylvania. later on this afternoon or this evening. tomorrow's clipper coming in has a little more kick to it, so we have a bet irchance we could see a sprinkle or snow flake late in the day but not really a big
6:44 am
deal. there might be clouds. another one on sunday. that doesn't look like a big deal. basically a good weekend. a scattering of clouds. 50's today, 40's tomorrow. monday and tuesday looks dry. a high mid-week. up closer to 50, but rain chances increasing, and at sandy point now, temperature at 37 degrees. beautiful clear skies, and over near robbie's shoulder near the bay, we see this beautiful glow. we don't see robbie's shoulder, but we see the glow of the sun beginning to rise. isn't that absolutely something? this is the prettyest part of the day, isn't -- this is the prettiest part of the day, isn't it, rob? >> to me it is the prettiest part of the day. as the sun gets ready to rise for the super plungers, they finished not too long ago,
6:45 am
plunge 21. they have been plunging every hour for 24 hours. that's when it will end later on this morning. we are here live. we will be here live throughout the day today. and of course the polar bear plunge, the first of two is at 2:00 in the afternoon. we want people to send money and pledge to special olympics. that's what this is all about. the phone number is right there on the screen. it is 410-261-23-00. 2300. sthats -- that's exactly right. i've been giving this number for close to a decade and still can't remember it. this was grown so fast. kids from 80 schools throughout the state of maryland. they raised money and they came down yesterday and they all plunged into the chesapeake bay. our young people are stepping
6:46 am
forward raising lots of money for special olympics. that was a wonderful scene. mr. education himself, tim tooten was here yesterday. way to go, young people. we will be here throughout the morning. you will be able to see the plungers plunge. reporting live, rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i know tim tooten has done this in the past. did he plunge yesterday? >> demo -- no, he didn't plunge yesterday. he will to be live at noon. tim has plunged. i've covered for my brother. don't be talking about tim has to plunge. he's a man of the cloth, too. don't be messing with him. >> all right. thanks, rob. "11 fitness" coming up next. first, here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back, everyone. time for "11 fitness." candace grasso joins us. good morning, candace. what are you doing down there? >> we last year did the abs for april challenge. this year we decided to start a little earlier. people wanted to get their abs before spring break comes. it starts wednesday february 1 and ends wednesday february 29.
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it is shown on my plug. where you can find the utube -- youtube channel and go back to my facebook or friend me and say "i'm in." the workouts will look like this. you can use one of both. one or both. you have to do it three to five times a week. this time i'm going to be doing it with you. then when you finish the workout, you should go through it, hit it again, and do it 2 two to three times total, three to five times a week. normally people whip through this. the idea is to do it really
6:51 am
slowly. the idea is doing moves like planks. on my video -- to join us, go on to my facebook page or go on to youtube. here's the thing, if you can do all the exercise you want, but if you don't change your diet -- >> won't work. stay with us. mid grade
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>> thousands of people braving the cold to take a dip in the chesapeake bay for a good cause. >> the annual polar ber plunge. rob roblin is live with more. >> good morning, ladies! this is plunge number 22. here they come! 50 super plungers.
6:55 am
seemed like just a few minutes ago they were plunging. isn't that beautiful? it is cold out there. that water will shock you, and it will wake you up. here are the super plungers, having a great time and freezing for special olympics. david! how are you doing, baby? >> i'm doing great. this is a great night. i hope everybody is coming out today. they better get in the car and come down here. we did it 24 times, you can do it once. >> take care, brother. the plungers are coming in. the idea with plunging is to get in and out as fast as fobble. and that's the secret. and i'll tell you what, sheldon
6:56 am
last year was so fast, i don't think he got wet. he was in the water, got out, was dressed in the car going home in like 4.2 seconds. man, there goes sheldon, there goes sheldon back home. and when you are my age, it takes you 15 minutes to walk down and there and 15 minutes to walk back. i get social security by the time i get down there. >> you can help special olympics by making a donation. the number is 410-261-2300. 410-261-2300. you see them there, waiting for you to call. ava marie needs more support to make knees guys work. >> john, good weather for this.
6:57 am
>> amazing weather for the plunge as far as that's concerned. temperatures up ner 50 and dr >> an internet video depicting u.s. marines desecrated the bodies of -- is -- it is no wonder secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary leon panetta were right to denounce the
6:58 am
desecrating of enemy fighters' bodies as morally reprehensible. we can all agree that war is a brutal business, that behavior brings shame. marines are trained to defend this nation and they have a long history of doing that. they have a plan to mobilize ship-to-hore operations. to the thousands of marines that represent all that the military stands for, we say thank you to all the men and women who fight for our country. leon panetta has addressed these violators so in shameful part of history will not be ry
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